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Industry statistics show that a market ready home rents for 13% more and 49 days quicker than a home that is put on the market and still needs work. What does “market ready” really look like? To get your home truly ready to rent/sell, you have to walk through the property with a fresh set of eyes. What would potential buyers or renters see? It may be different from what you see, so here is some advice to take the right steps to ‘wow’ your walk throughs.

Curb appeal – The outside of the house is the first thing potential renters see. Is the yard properly maintained? Is there some key exterior lighting? Taking a few moments to assess your curb appeal can hook viewers at first glance.

Accentuate the ‘money makers’ – The kitchen is a key selling point for homes. Adding some flowers, or putting away appliances or other items of clutter can make this key room instantly more appealing.

Over-all cleaning – Make sure your space is professionally deep cleaned. You don’t want small yet visible imperfections and grime to take away from the big picture of your property.

Rent a storage unit – If the property is currently inhabited, temporarily removing furniture that crowds rooms or removing books that fill shelves can open up a room. Take the items to a storage unit for a few weeks and you will really see the space open up.

Make Minor Repairs – If there are doors that jam, burnt out light bulbs, awkwardly bright painted walls, or leaky faucets – fix these items before they distract potential buyers / renters.

Cleveland Real Estate Pros knows what it means to get your home market ready, and how crucial that is in getting top dollar for rent. Call them at 440-782-4062 for more information!

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